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Critical Planning Issues


Estate Planning means different things to different people depending on their family situation and the nature & value of the assets they own.


For most folks, Estate Planning means having a Will. But there's more to Estate Planning than simply determining who gets what you own when you're gone.


In my experience, the most difficult challenges for family members arise when loved ones become mentally incapacitated. Planning for incapacity includes creating these 4 authorizations or directives:

  1. Financial Power of Attorney

  2. Health Care Power of Attorney;

  3. Living Will; and

  4. HIPAA Authorization.


Each of these planning tools is legally effective only during one's lifetime, but these important documents provide the authority needed to carry out your wishes and manage your affairs if you cannot.


In addition to the above planning documents, I believe everyone should have a Revocable Trust.  


Click on each of the documents listed in this page (or go to the drop-down menu in the header) to find out more about each of these critical estate planning issues.



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